What is the biggest difference from selling traditional residential property and selling residential income property?

Repeat Customers.

Sure it is said that the average consumer buys a home every 4 years, and referrals are great when helping traditional residential home sales, but helping investors buy and sell income property is a whole new game.

When a real estate agent hears the word, investor. We tend to think of investors who buy very low priced homes. Helping the investor buy and sell income property is totally different. 

Hi, my name is Sam Maropis and I have been an investor since 2002. I became a real estate agent in 2011 and today as the Broker, Profit Realty focuses on income property, residential income property. Profit Realty is a property management company having more than 130 homes/duplexes and larger that we manage.

My focus has been for most of my real estate career been helping investors buy and sell income property. The commissions are better, the repeat business is way better and the closings are a lot easier.

In my capacity as an agent helping investors buy and sell income property, I have worked with so many agents on the other side of the transaction who did not really know what they were doing. Yes they were good agents, but almost all of the agents really did not know what to do or how to do income property. For these reasons, this is where Profit Training was born.

I became a licensed TREC instructor (#3856) and Profit Realty Company has become a licensed School (#10203) and today we are offering Making Money Selling Rental Property, (#34085). This course is a 7 hour TREC approved CE course. 

Why are we offering this course to you, it is really simple, we are a Property Management Company and if we are able to help you make money helping your clients buy and sell income property then maybe you will refer those clients to Profit Realty Company. Hopefully you will recommend Property Realty to manage their income property.

We are selling this class for $100 and repeat clients the cost is $50. Why are we selling this class for this amount, when so many agents are cheap on what they buy and what they spend money on. It is simple. Selling Residential income property is a speciality and one that is very financially rewarding. But it is a very different business than traditional real estate. We want folks who are really interested in making money and willing to work and yes pay to greatly improve their skills in this very lucrative business.  

What will we be covering in this class:

  • Marketing – Finding your clients
  • Financially reviewing properties – Do they really make sense for the investor
  • Understanding contracts for income property
  • Financing – Helping your clients get financing
  • Offer and Inspection Process
  • The Closing – What is really important for income property

Classes are being formed so please contact us to get on our list for upcoming classes.